Inventor Guidelines

Eureka invites you to attend our free Eureka Medical Invention Reviews conducted throughout the United States. We’ll arrange a free, private, confidential session with a panel of medical device experts, who will evaluate your medical innovation. If you can’t attend in person, we’ll schedule a phone conference or even evaluate your idea by mail. You’ll receive honest, constructive advice at no charge—plus the possibility that we’ll represent your medical invention to innovation-seeking medical supply or medical equipment distributor companies.

Click Invention Review Registration to register to present your medical invention.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ Index:

1) Briefly, what is a Medical Invention Review?

2) How can Eureka offer this expert service to Medical Professionals and Inventors at no charge?

3) What if I can’t attend in person? Can I still participate in an Invention Review?

4) What are the advantages of participating in a Eureka Medical Invention Review?

5) Who can participate in a Eureka Medical Invention Review?

6) What if the medical invention has been created by more than one inventor?

7) Does my medical invention have to be patented or my medical product name trademarked?

8) What are we are looking for in a medical device invention?

9) What happens during a Eureka Medical Invention Review presentation?

10) Who will be reviewing my medical product invention?

11) How do I prepare for my invention presentation?

12) What should I send if I’m participating by phone or mail?

13) What criteria will be used to evaluate my medical device invention?

14) Will I hear from Eureka Medical following the Medical Invention Review regarding my invention?

15) Where and when is the next Eureka Medical Invention Review?

16) How do I register to present my medical invention?

17) What about privacy and confidentiality of my medical invention?