Client Relations Manager

Donna G. Voiland is Client Relations Manager at Eureka Medical. Ms. Voiland brings a tremendous background of successful start-up experience to Eureka Medical. Being one of the first employees hired by the founder at Comsol, Inc., she was instrumental in helping to build this technology company to its current size of over 20 employees with revenues over $7 million.

Donna G. Voiland

Ms. Voiland has extensive sales and customer service experience working with leading companies within the life science, healthcare, software and scientific technology industries. In addition, she has worked closely with many government agency clients, such as NIH, NIST and FDA.


Ms. Voiland’s marketing skills, event management experience and data base know-how have prepared her well and are great assets at Eureka. She brings a native friendly enthusiasm and proactive solutions approach to whatever she does. Her positive attitude and enthusiasm is contagious.

As a client of Eureka, you will enjoy working with Donna on the phone, at Invention Roadshows and with Corporate Sponsors as we help identify and commercialize medical breakthroughs originating in the healthcare professions.

Donna earned her B.S. in Education with significant graduate course work in Computer Technology.

Please feel comfortable reaching out and discussing your medical innovation, Invention Roadshow Registration plans or your corporate medical product needs with Donna by phone, email, or through the postal service.

Donna Voiland Contact Information:
Phone: 781-229-5878

Ms. Donna G. Voiland
Client Relations Manager
Eureka Medical, Inc.
One Burlington Business Center
67 South Bedford Street, Suite 400W
Burlington, MA 01803