Access The Most Powerful Source of Innovation

The Bright, Highly Educated Medical Professionals

Often great inventions are a product of what seems to be serendipity. In almost every case immense preparation, deep specific knowledge and intense persistence are usually required to recognize the accidental effect when it happens. When the preparation is there, the creative genius comes into play. The people that make up the medical professions represent some of the brightest; most highly educated and best prepared professionals on earth.

They generally bring a high level of passion to their careers and are dedicated to enhancing life through their expert skills, creative capability and medical knowledge. In our broad network of motivated medical professionals the creative force of innovative serendipity is consistently in play.

Eureka’s medical inventor network is built from an open call to all inventors active in the medical and healthcare sectors. This includes: Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, Critical Care Specialists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Paramedics, Biomedical Engineers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Surgical Technologists, Material Scientists, Independent Medical Product Designers, Professional Medical Inventors, Amateur Inventors, etc. A broad network drawn from the brightest and best prepared creative minds in the profession has unlimited innovative bandwidth and is extremely cost efficient and flexible.

By tapping into Eureka’s Medical Inventor Network, corporate sponsors access new sectors for accelerated growth with off-balance sheet, flexible financing, no long-term financial commitment, nor any disruption to the current R&D organizational focus.

Sponsor Companies can immediately access the most flexible and productive research and development force in the medical industry. As a sponsor, you pay only for network access, search and evaluation expenses and royalties on new product ideas that your corporation decides to commercialize. Eureka can also offer world-class contract product design and development services if companies find these useful.

This unique approach allows leading companies an insightful window opened to medical innovation where it thrives, in the minds of the practicing profession. We are confident that as companies increase their innovation bandwidth through the Eureka Medical’s Inventor Network, they will be successful in leveraging their unique medical supply channel assets, expanding market share and accelerating valuation creation.

Accessing Independent Inventors Directly Can Be Challenging

Many medical professionals are educated and trained to operate independently, with a keen sense of the trade offs in making life-critical decisions. The role breeds a determined independent individual that is dedicated to healthcare excellence and creative problem solving. The combination of independent brilliance often creates obstacles to connecting with large team oriented medical device companies.

Historically, most medical supply companies have experienced so many problems working with independent inventors that they have established policies not to accept any submissions from them. Some only accept submissions without any formal legal arrangements. Given the imbalance in power, smart independent inventors would be ill advised to present their best ideas under these conditions. This lack of trust creates barriers and limits access to the most powerful source of innovation in the medical device industry.

As a trusted intermediary – Eureka is positioned to bridge the gap

As a trusted intermediary with proactive discovery tools, expert evaluation methods, guided by world leaders on innovation in healthcare —Eureka is in a unique position to bridge the gap between medical device companies seeking to expand their innovation bandwidth and the most powerful source of new medical breakthroughs, the independent medical professionals. Our interest are uniquely aligned with our inventors and our corporate sponsors creating a win / win / win approach to deal making that looks after the interest of all our stakeholders in any deal.

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