Sponsorship Benefits – Innovation Sourcing Services

The medical device industry is actively seeking and developing medical solutions for the health care delivery system to reduce preventable medical errors, control infection, lower costs, improve quality and reduce liability risks. Eureka Medical plays a key role as a trusted source of innovation for sponsor companies to solve these problems and enhance life. Our Corporate Innovation Sourcing Services offer the following benefits:

1- Low-cost, highly effective method to generate consistent flow of professionally screened, actionable new medical products. Consistent Flow.

2- Unique Access to novel product ideas conceived continuously in the medical profession —with intimate perspective to urgent medical problems. Unique Access.

3- Increased world-class R&D capacity with no infrastructure costs, maximum directional flexibility and control of expenses. Fits with outsourcing model —leveraging franchise with less capital committed. More Capacity.

4- Speed to Market —New products conceived in the profession, screened by experts and developed by world-class medical product designers. Speed.

5- Manage legal risk with intermediary accessing independent medical inventors. Legal.

Contact our business development team for a presentation to learn more about our unique Medical Innovation Sourcing Services:busdev@eurekamed.com.