Sponsorship Benefits – Legal and Other Benefits

Manage legal risk with intermediary accessing independent medical inventors.

Many companies worry about the potential legal exposure associated with listening to and accepting submissions from independent inventors. As an intermediary operating confidentially, Eureka Medical shields client companies from this legal exposure. Anonymity can be maintained until a deal is done or indefinitely if the deal is not done. Eureka is committed to forging long-term relationships as a trusted source of medical innovation based on credibility and consistent world-class performance.

Major medical innovations need supporting tools to speed acceptance and expand use.

Given the complexities of medical practice, often breakthrough medical innovations are introduced without updating the complimentary tools needed to maximize the benefits of a total solution and speed wide acceptance by the profession. Eureka’s motivated network of medical professionals helps solve acceptance issues by quickly developing complimentary product ideas that expand the profit opportunity and can speed acceptance of new technology by the profession.

Continuous Incremental Improvements Lead to Revolutionary Results

The spirit of innovation is contagious. Invention is a process of discovery that has the potential to empower a whole profession as continuous iterations of improvement are conceived, documented, published and commercialized. Each new product improvement builds off the previous body of knowledge to establish a remarkable process of continuous improvement. This process of incremental small changes pursued with commitment to continuous improvement and a consistent flow of new innovative medical ideas, can lead to revolutionary progress over a short period of time.

Sometimes, a remarkable medical breakthrough is achieved in one simple elegant solution as is illustrated by the inspiring stories linked in Great Medical Innovators, but more often than not, revolutionary change is achieve by a continuous series of steady improvements. Access to an organized, motivated Medical Inventor Network focused on specific challenges is a powerful force for continuous improvement. The Inventor Network can operate across a broad range of disciplines and markets with the flexibility to meet the constantly changing trends and needs.

With the convergence of so many scientific, medical, engineering and information technologies, we live in a remarkable time when bright, prepared and persistent people are enabled to invent elegant solutions to complex medical problems. With increasing challenges, demands and expectations for our medical and health care systems, innovative solutions are more needed now than ever before. For instance, stopping preventable medical errors is becoming a major driver in healthcare and represents a major opportunity for growth and saving lives.

Unleashing The Power of The Network Effect in Medical Device Innovation

As with many other business segments today, the Internet allows unique access and capability to rapidly connect and share information between people creating tremendous synergy. The combined creative genius of thousands of bright, educated, inspired medical professionals all connected through an incentivized network makes for a powerful source of innovation. Harnessing the power of the network effect in medicine allows your company to source innovation from the Medical Inventor Network and tap into a consistent stream of actionable medical products.

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