Unique Access to Medical Innovation

The leading companies in the world look to consistent new product innovation as the key to profitable growth and value creation. Eureka offers companies a cost effective, confidential method to open a window on the realm of innovation, where innovation thrives -in the minds of bright inventive medical professionals who are passionately engaged in healthcare and determined to solve the obstacles to performance. Connecting innovation-seeking companies with targeted medical inventors to develop world-class medical solutions is what we do.

The global market for medical products is over $220 billion and continues to expand at an annual growth rate of over ten percent. Products introduced within last three years generate over thirty percent of the revenues of the leading medical device companies, yet maintaining consistent flow of new product innovation is challenging. Eureka Medical’s Corporate Services can help.

1- Low-cost, highly effective method to generate consistent flow of professionally screened, actionable new medical products. Consistent Flow.

2- Unique Access to novel product ideas conceived continuously in the medical profession —with intimate perspective to urgent medical problems. Unique Access.

3- Increased world-class R&D capacity with no infrastructure costs, maximum directional flexibility and control of expenses. Fits with outsourcing model —leveraging franchise with less capital committed. More Capacity.

4- Speed to Market —New products conceived in the profession, screened by experts and developed by world-class medical product designers. Speed.

5- Manage legal risk with intermediary accessing independent medical inventors. Legal.

Contact our business development team to learn more about our unique Innovation Sourcing Services: busdev@eurekamed.com.

More “Targeted Medical Innovation” = Faster Profitable Growth

Some leading business consultants have identified a unique strategy paradox that companies need to overcome to achieve consistent high-profit growth. Their analysis suggests a need to consistently source “out of the box” innovative thinking for new medical product lines, while corporate focus on core business is stressed as essential for superior execution. Most corporations find it challenging to achieve the optimum balance between these competing agendas.

Eureka’s Targeted Innovation Search Services offers medical supply companies the opportunity to access disruptive innovative thinking that is completely unconstrained by existing product lines, current R&D projects and quarterly profit objectives of existing divisions. We can do this at minimal expense relative to traditional research and development and with much greater flexibility. One of the most important benefits we offer through our Corporate Sponsorship Services, is an effective way to overcome the strategy paradox without distractions and losing focus.

Corporate Sponsorship Service provides two specific Targeted Innovation Searches per year together with an exclusive first look at Invention Roadshow Ideas in the client’s targeted area. Our Sponsorship Services also include regular meetings to present and review new product ideas, consult on the innovation process, and identify market trends spotted by Eureka Medical that will impact the sponsor’s targeted space. Sponsorship can be structured to provide world-class project management services to speed new product development through our relationships with the leading medical device design firms.

Eureka’s Targeted Innovation Search services offer veiled access to the powerful Eureka Medical Inventor Network to confidentially search for new medical device product ideas within a well-defined target market segment.

Connecting Innovation-Seeking Companies with Medical Inventors

Contact our business development team to learn more about our unique Medical Innovation Sourcing Services: busdev@eurekamed.com.