Sponsorship Benefits – Consistent Flow

Low-cost, highly effective method to generate consistent flow of professionally screened, actionable new medical products.

Consistent Flow of New Product Ideas – Ready access to a motivated network that generates a consistent flow of product ideas from the medical profession. Eureka takes the best of these ideas targeted for specific markets selected by sponsors and develops the ideas into actionable products that have the potential to create tremendous value in the fast growing medical supply markets. Sponsors have a right of first refusal to the best ideas coming from a specific and well-defined market segment.

Actionable Products – While independent medical professionals are best suited to identify opportunities for medical device solutions, it is rare for an independent individual to have the bandwidth required to identify the problem and develop a world-class solution that is market ready with all the technical and commercial issues resolved.

Eureka brings the commercial savvy, product development and project management skills needed to know where to outsource top talent for solving specific development issues. It helps to be located at a world center of excellence for medical products design, life science technology, FDA consulting and contract manufacturing. The flexibility that accrues from project management best practices and out-sourcing capability to top talent, allows us to deliver outstanding solutions with actionable products to corporate sponsors on every project.

Contact our business development team for a presentation to learn more about our unique Medical Innovation Sourcing Services:busdev@eurekamed.com.

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