Inventor Legal Agreements

Confidentiality and respect for intellectual property is a founding principal of Eureka Medical, Inc. and fundamental to our success as an innovation agent for independent medical professionals and healthcare inventors. Eureka Medical. wants to ensure that its relationships with inventors and corporate partners are fair and clear. If you plan to enter an Medical Invention Review, please carefully read these agreements, which are designed to precisely define our relationship with you and to protect us both.

We suggest you review these agreements with an attorney prior to executing any of them.

To enter our Medical Invention Review, you must complete the separateInvention Medical Invention Review.

Inventor Entry Agreement

Before you submit an idea, you will need to review and accept the terms of our Inventor Entry Agreement. Simply put, the Inventor Entry Agreement is intended to describe the terms and conditions of our relationship with you, the inventor.

Inventor Representation Agreement

If Eureka Medical, Inc. elects to represent your invention, we will contact you and, before we undertake any representation, you will be asked to sign anInventor Representation Agreement.

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“Eureka is committed to confidential and professional invention review and best practices in new product commercialization. We value a Win / Win / Win approach, where all stakeholders’ interests are fairly represented.”

Jeffery C. Conley,
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Eureka Medical, Inc.

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