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Continuous Incremental Improvements Lead to Revolutionary Results

The spirit of innovation is contagious. Often the innovative work of one medical inventor inspires the work of others. With the passion for life and identifying medical advances shared by the profession, there is tremendous power in making connections.

MedInvent is a quarterly eNewsleter designed to keep busy medical professionals and healthcare inventors informed of important trends in medical device innovation and healthcare invention in general as well as share inspiring stories of innovation that might inspire others.

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Invention is a process of discovery that has the potential to empower a whole profession as continuous iterations of improvement are conceived, documented, published and commercialized. Each new product improvement builds off the previous body of knowledge to reinforce a remarkable process of continuous improvement. This process of incremental small changes pursued with determination and consistent discipline can lead to revolutionary progress over a short period of time.

The Internet allows unique access and capability to rapidly connect thought leaders in medicine and share vital information on trends in health care, medical device markets, technology advances, problems to be solved, areas targeted for innovation, and the collective overall priorities of the leading companies operating in the space.

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