Invention Review Calendar

Our Medical Invention Review are scheduled across the country in key regional centers of life science and medical innovation excellence, targeting the Mid-Atlantic Region, California and the West, Chicago for The Midwest, and Boston for the Northeast. We are enthusiastic to see your medical invention and hope you will find these locations and time frames convenient. The Medical Invention Review city rotation changes frequently to broaden our reach and extend the convenience to the leading medical inventors and researchers from around the country.

We also schedule Medical Invention Reviews to coincide with important medical and technical conferences such as the Transcatheter Cardiovascular Therapeutics, Neuroscience, National Association of Spinal Surgeons, and Materials Research Society Meeting. This makes it easier for medical professionals and research leaders from global locations to fit our Invention Review into their busy schedules. We bring a world-class medical invention evaluation process to you!


Locations Dates
Boston, MA Thursday, February 9th
Boston, MA Friday, May 5th
Boston, MA Friday, September 15th
Boston, MA Friday, November 17th

Inventors are responsible for making and paying for their own hotel and travel accommodations. Please contact the hotel directly. The hotel will do its best to accommodate you, based on room availability at the time of the reservation.

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