Sponsorship Benefits – More Capacity

Increased world-class R&D capacity with no infrastructure costs, maximum directional flexibility and control of expenses. Fits with outsourcing model —leveraging franchise with less capital committed.

With the rapid change taking place everyday in medical devices and healthcare delivery trends, client companies’ find their internal R&D groups are stretched to the limit and sometimes cannot respond to regular changes in priorities. It is a Herculean task to simply meet the daily requirements of satisfying customers and meeting the competitive demands for extension and development of existing product lines. Having ready access to actionable ideas from the profession is a powerful way to establish new market segments and expand market share into some of the most promising emerging markets with the advantages that usually go to the first mover in the space.

Eureka’s ability to source innovation from a flexible motivated network allows companies to test new target areas for growth with minimal investment in infrastructure, capital commitment and disruption to the R&D organization. Our unique approach to sourcing innovation allows internal R&D departments to focus their work on the company’s most important product lines where there is less variability in the manpower requirements. Less distraction means better focus. The focus on advanced line extensions serving the most demanding customers is strategic to the corporation core business.

Eureka is well suited to provide leading edge exploration into potentially high growth market segments with little relative risk and high potential reward. Corporations can leverage the inventor network to be continually testing new segments to find the most promising growth segments in healthcare markets, before the rest of the pack. Ready access to rapid, fresh innovation reinforces market leadership and credibility as the advance technology leader.

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