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“With the forces
driving change in
healthcare delivery,
we have reached a
'tipping point'. Rapid
change is inevitable.
It is an opportune
time to seek and
innovation from
the medical

Eureka is in a unique position to bring new innovations to medical suppliers to help
address the

Jerome H. Grossman,
Harvard / Kennedy School
Health Care Delivery Project.

"Sponsors & investors
who are passionate
about the enhancement
of life through
innovation and the
resulting value
creation opportunity
back Eureka."

"Eureka is confident
that there are at
least ten value
creating medical product
ideas lost, for
every one that is
successfully commercialized."

"We intend to find
the best of the
medical product ideas
conceived in the
profession and take
them to the market,
before they get lost,
to create value
and enhance life."

Jeffery C. Conley,
CEO - Eureka Medical

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Questions and Answers

What criteria will be used to evaluate my medical device invention?

Your medical invention will be carefully evaluated by an unbiased advisory panel of medical products experts. We will evaluate your invention on the strength of its:

* Reduce potential for common errors
* Clinical impact
* Degree of invasiveness
* Recovery time (in days)
* Labor savings
* Time in operating room
* Reduction of risk
* Safety and sterility
* Regulatory issues
* Disruptive or sustaining technology
* Disease Categories Targeted
* Patient Convenience
* Treatment setting and costs
* Specialized know-how required
* Time to market
* Medical market size
* Fit with trends in healthcare
* Product uniqueness/originality – patent readiness
* Stage of development and development process, costs, timeline
* Competitive environment in healthcare segment
* Barriers to entry
* Available channels to market

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