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Questions and Answers

What about privacy and confidentiality of my medical invention?

We take great care to protect the privacy of all inventors' ideas.

Employees and expert medical panel members are bound by strict nondisclosure agreements. In addition, we take the appropriate action to protect medical inventions when showing them to companies who might be interested in manufacturing or marketing the new product through medical supply channels.

However, inventors should understand that both Eureka and its corporate clients are involved in the business of researching and developing many ideas for new products.

Either or both Eureka and its corporate clients may have previously received, or may receive third party ideas or inventions that are similar or identical to the inventor's idea.

This is readily documented and tracked through our invention registration process to prevent confusion over who develped what invention.

Inventors should understand that participating in the Roadshow will not in any way limit Eureka's or its corporate clients' right to use any such similar third party product idea or invention.

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