Knee Reconstruction Techniques

E. Marlowe Goble, M.D.: Goble, founder and director of research and development at Medicine Lodge, Inc., is also an orthopedic surgeon at Goble Knee Clinic. He started his independent orthopedic surgery practice in Logan, Utah, in 1981. In performing his daily job as knee surgeon, he conceived and developed a unique set of methods for drilling and securing ligament replacements to bones in joint reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Goble partnered with an engineering friend, who ran a typical machine shop in town, to develop the initial prototypes tools and devices. The technology they invented together enhances recovery and full use of injured joints and torn ligaments.



These techniques have been successfully applied to one of the most common athletic injuries: an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) tear in the knee.

Dr. Goble’s contribution combined with that of many other surgeon inventors and biomechanical engineers, has enhanced minimally invasive ACL reconstructive surgery, allowing athletes to regain full use of their legs more rapidly and return to full athletic activity.

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